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October 2020 Archives

Unhappy with your tax audit results? Appeal

Very rarely do tax audits result in taxpayers receiving refunds or having no change to their tax filings. Usually, Massachusetts residents who go through the audit process get word that they owe more in taxes and have to pay interest and penalties on top of it. Thankfully, those who are unhappy with their audit results may appeal.

Cooperation can go a long way in tax evasion cases

Anyone in Massachusetts or elsewhere who follows tax-related news has probably heard about the Robert Smith Case. Mr. Smith is a former student of Cornell, a billionaire and a philanthropist. He is also a person who, over the past few years, has been investigated for tax evasion. His case has just come to a close.

Is there a statute of limitations on tax audits?

One of the biggest fears Massachusetts residents have when they submit their tax returns is that they'll end up being audited. No one wants to go through that, but, without fail, every year, a small percentage of people get the news that they have been selected for tax audits. Keeping good records is something people can do that is simple and can help them through the audit process, but how long should records be kept?

Handling a tax preparer's mistake in a return

Any time, you get a letter from the IRS, your heart skips a beat. You guess that the tax agency rarely contacts individuals with good news. Now, you’ve just received a letter noting you owe thousands more in taxes from last year. Yet you had a tax preparer complete your return. What should you do?

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