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September 2020 Archives

How does the IRS investigate alleged tax crimes?

Accusations from federal agencies can result in serious criminal cases and possible consequences. In some instances, the Internal Revenue Service may suspect a Massachusetts resident of committing tax crimes and start an investigation into that person's actions. Understanding what that type of scenario could involve may help anyone facing this type of predicament.

No. 6 on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights: The right to finality

It may seem as though the IRS holds all the cards, but that simply is not true. Taxpayers here in Massachusetts and across the country may not be aware that there is a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Number six on that list is the "right to finality," which means that they have the right to know the maximum amounts of time they have to take certain actions and the maximum amounts of time the IRS has to take certain actions.

Can a business have a federal tax lien removed?

Running a Massachusetts business means that a person has to pay attention to every cog turning to ensure operations run smoothly. Of course, without the right help, some entrepreneurs may miss something vital, including paying certain taxes. If this happens to a serious extent, some business owners could end up facing a federal tax lien against their personal or business property.

Facts about IRS-issued tax liens

A lien, by definition, is a creditor's right to take a debtor's property until that individual's debt is paid off or discharged. A lien can be issued for any form of debt, including federal income taxes. Massachusetts residents who find themselves behind on their tax payments may find the government swooping in to seize their property if they do not take the steps to address the situation as soon as possible.

Tax evasion allegations can seem overwhelming

Accusations of any type of criminal activity can have lasting effects on a person's life. If Massachusetts residents face charges for tax evasion, their situations can understandably seem overwhelming. Fortunately, parties in this type of predicament can defend against these allegations.

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