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November 2019 Archives

Cryptocurrency owners may want to watch out for the IRS

Technological advances have made it a challenge for taxing authorities to pursue those they believe are hiding money in order to avoid paying taxes -- until recently, that is. The IRS has worked diligently to find ways to track people who own cryptocurrency in order to make sure they pay taxes on it. For this reason, some cryptocurrency owners, including some here in Massachusetts, could find themselves facing allegations of tax crimes.

Retirement & Taxes: Five tax friendly states

Planning for retirement takes more than savings accounts and stock portfolios. A successful retirement plan takes costs into consideration and works to reduce those costs wherever feasible. One option that can result in significant savings: the location you chose to retire.

Does the IRS immediately file a tax lien when people can't pay?

Fortunately, the easy answer to that question is no. The IRS will not immediately file a tax lien against an individual who cannot pay his or her taxes. Boston residents who cannot financially meet this obligation may find a way to avoid such liens as the collection process proceeds.

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