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August 2019 Archives

Your tax debt could affect your ability to travel

Today the world is more accessible than ever before. Whether you travel for work, family or play, there is a pleasure to be had in discovering what is out there. Some of the excitement for travel rests in planning the trip, getting on the plane and seeing your first sites in a new location. Despite all that planning and anticipation, there’s one thing could hold you up before you even step on the plane --- your tax debt.

How does the IRS treat sexual harassment settlements?

No one should have to put up with sexual harassment. Massachusetts residents who experience this unseemly treatment have the right to lodge a complaint with their employers. In some cases, victims receive financial settlements in exchange for not pursuing the matter any further. What they need to take into consideration is how the IRS treats these types of settlements in order to plan for the tax ramifications.

IRS offers a one-time waiver of penalty for 2018 tax year

There was always a delicate balance between keeping enough income during the year and avoiding owing taxes. Many people here in Massachusetts and across the country got hit with unexpected bills for the 2018 tax year because they did not realize they needed to make adjustments in order to account for the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Due to this, the IRS decided to waive the usual underpayment penalty for some individuals.

It may surprise you to find out who isn't paying the IRS

Many Boston residents are under the impression that the vast majority of people not paying taxes are rich or receiving government benefits. The general consensus is that these are the people who "cheat" the system and avoid paying the IRS. Well, it may surprise some people to learn that a large number of the nearly 44%, down from 47%, of people who do not always pay income taxes are far from rich or are not receiving government benefits.

Another change from the IRS is coming for the 2019 tax year

Beginning with the 2018 tax season, taxpayers here in Massachusetts and across the country began encountering the changes in the Internal Revenue Code. This involved more than just the elimination of exemptions and deductions, and the increase in the standard deduction. The IRS also changed various forms.

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